OiV returns WiMAX licences

30 Jul 2010

Croatian state-owned telecoms and broadcasting company Odasiljaci i Veze (OiV) has returned 15 regional WiMAX wireless broadband licences, reports DMEurope quoting local daily Poslovni Dnevnik. According to its chairman, Denis Nikola Kulisic, the company has cancelled WiMAX rollout plans due to ‘problems with the development of the technology as well as the high cost of equipment.’ TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database notes that several other former WiMAX licensees in Croatia have also returned their 3500MHz frequency permits, although one operator, WiMAX Telecom, retains a near-nationwide licence footprint, covering 17 regions. Optima Telekom offers WiMAX services in one county only, and Novi-Net’s commercial WiMAX network covers two counties, whilst incumbent PSTN operator T-Hrvatski Telekom cancelled its WiMAX plans altogether. Wholesale communications company OiV (Transmitters & Communications Ltd) acquired its 3500MHz spectrum in 2005-07 with a business model based on leasing capacity to other operators.

Croatia, Odasiljaci i Veze (OiV)