Vodafone Qatar cuts losses, exceeds half a million customers

21 Jul 2010

Vodafone’s Qatari unit earned QAR175.8 million (USD48.3 million) in revenues in the quarter ended 30 June 2010, up by 22% from the previous three months. The cellco’s net losses for the April-June period were reduced by 5% quarter-on-quarter to QAR148.7 million, whilst quarterly EBITDA loss of QAR8.8 million was a reduction from QAR28.7 million in January-March. The UK-Qatari joint venture, which has been in full commercial operation for twelve months, had signed up a total of 534,000 customers by the end of June 2010, up 15% from end-March, whilst monthly blended ARPU increased by 3% q-o-q to QAR104.

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