Broadband provider Orcon enters NZ wireless market

20 Jul 2010

Kiwi internet provider Orcon has launched a new mobile service this week, promising to ‘shake up the market’ by scrapping fixed-term contracts. The broadband operator, which is itself owned by State-owned telco Kordia, will be operating as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), re-selling minutes that it has ‘bulk-bought’ from Vodafone. Orcon’s customers will not have to commit to a plan for a fixed time period, and may switch plans or providers without incurring penalty fees. Orcon chief executive Scott Bartlett criticised the penalty fees attached to fixed-term contracts of its rivals, saying: ‘We want to have customers, not prisoners. If you want to be locked down for two years, go steal a car’. Despite promising to offer the cheapest price plans on the market, Orcon has said that it hopes to introduce a range of smartphones.

New Zealand, Kordia