NBN Co to invest AUD1bn on satellites for rural coverage

14 Jul 2010

NBN Co, the public-private entity created to oversee the construction of Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN), has announced that it will spend up to AUD1 billion (USD876.5 million) on two KA band satellites to deliver services to those premises unable to connect to the under-construction fibre network. According to ComputerWorld, the two satellites will deliver around 2% of the total capacity of the NBN. Revealing the plans for the satellite deployments, Mike Quigley, NBN Co CEO, noted: ‘We will cover the whole country with satellite … The fact is even within 40 or 50 kilometres of Sydney and Melbourne there are places you can only get to with satellite. Fibre is too difficult to get to them and the terrain is such that you just can’t get propagation of the wireless signal effectively and get a reliable service.’

Australia, NBN Co