Communications Minister: ‘network quality deteriorating’

14 Jul 2010

Russia’s Minister of Communications Igor Shchegolev has criticised the quality of Moscow’s cellular networks, the Moscow Times reports. Shchegolev questioned whether coverage gaps have appeared because operators have been upgrading their base stations, or because the available bandwidth cannot physically cope with the increased flow of data. Vimpelcom representative Natalia Menshutina admitted that the short-term loss of traffic capacity is down do the intensive replacement of old 2G equipment, which requires the base stations to be switched off and back on again.

The Moscow Times reports that network quality has also deteriorated because a large number of Moscow base stations have been removed from the roofs of houses after complaints by residents. In residential areas, available space is in short supply, leaving operators with a quandary. According to the Federal Mass Media Inspection Service, there is no supervision over network quality because the law does not actually set out parameters or guidelines in this respect.

Russia, Beeline (Russia)