Telstra reveals FTTH trial uptake numbers

12 Jul 2010

Telstra has revealed that around a fifth of those customers within the coverage area of its trial fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network have upgraded from copper broadband connections, itNews reports. Around 300 households have signed up to fibre-based services, which are being offered by Telstra, sub-wholesalers and other notable internet service providers, including Internode, as part of the two month long pilot scheme. In total approximately 1,500 premises are covered by the FTTH infrastructure in an area which previously had been labelled a ‘broadband blackspot’. Telstra did not reveal how many of the 300 households it had signed up directly, and while Internode did also not provide specific figures, Simon Hackett, Internode’s managing director, did say of his company’s uptake: ‘We’ve certainly signed up enough customers to form a valid set of test cases.’ Results of the trials will eventually passed on to NBN Co, the public-private partnership responsible for overseeing the fibre-optic National Broadband Network.

Australia, Internode, NBN Co, Telstra (incl. Belong)