Megafon to start LTE tests in 2010

12 Jul 2010

Russian cellco Megafon plans to start LTE tests in Kazan, the capital city of Russia’s Tatarstan region later this year. Last week CommsUpdate announced that rival operator Scartel (Yota) plans to spend USD100 million in 2010 on the rollout of LTE networks in five Russian cities, with total investment expected to reach USD2 billion. Igor Azure, regional director of the Tatarstan Volga branch of Megafon commented: ‘Tatarstan has everything you need to create a LTE test zone in Kazan, including technical ability and willingness to invest in technology development’. According to the Kommersant daily newspaper, despite being beaten to the announcement by its rival, Megafon is expected to receive the LTE frequency before Scartel.

Russia, MegaFon