DoCoMo to launch Apple-style apps platform

12 Jul 2010

NTT DoCoMo is taking the fight to Apple in the local mobile market with the announcement that it plans to launch an ‘Apple-style’ application platform for its mass market i-mode mobile handsets. The cellco’s CEO Ryuji Yamada says his company plans to add the platform to its closed i-mode data service, in a move that marks a shift away from the current practice of strictly controlling what applications and services it offers to its roughly 50 million i-mode subscribers. Mr Yamada told the Financial Times: ‘We feel the best advantage of the smartphone is its open application platform, so we want to incorporate that open application environment to the [mass market] i-mode handsets as well.’ Going forward, DoCoMo will allow third-party providers to develop independent phone apps which the company will help to sell through a new ‘DoCoMo market’, he added.