Foxtel scraps plan to provide television over Telstra's broadband network

8 Jul 2010

Australian pay-TV company Foxtel has withdrawn its submission to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) seeking to provide internet television (IPTV) over Telstra’s infrastructure, according to local newspaper The Australian. Foxtel’s decision is likely to be welcomed by Telstra’s rivals, which had described the proposal as an anti-competitive attempt to grow Telstra’s share of the broadband market. Earlier in the year Optus claimed that under the proposal it would ‘lose existing and future customers, since consumers who wish to purchase Foxtel’s proposed service will have no choice but to purchase broadband services from Telstra,’ while Internode, iiNet and Adam Internet previously stated: ‘Our clients have no doubt that Telstra’s intention is to encourage Foxtel customers that are connected to other ISPs to churn to Telstra on the basis that they will be able to download Foxtel content.’