Telecom Italia reduces fixed-to-mobile call prices by 27%

6 Jul 2010

Telecom Italia has reduced the price of fixed-to-mobile calls, it has been announced. Residential fixed line subscribers can now make calls to mobile numbers for 27% less, whilst business subscribers will see prices fall by 11.4% per minute.

Calls to Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) mobile numbers at peak time will drop from EUR0.1336 (USD0.10658) to EUR0.1140 per minute. Users will be charged EUR0.1182 per minute for calls to Vodafone numbers at peak time, a reduction from the previous price of EUR0.1386 per minute. Calls to Wind customers will be charged at EUR0.12 per minute, down from EUR0.1561 per minute, while prices for calls to H3G mobile numbers will drop from EUR0.1852 during peak time to EUR0.1344 (VAT included) per minute.

Off-peak call prices remain unchanged at EUR0.0776 per minute to TIM numbers, EUR0.0792 per minute to Vodafone, EUR0.0908 per minute to Wind and EUR0.1084 per minute to H3G. The call set-up fee is EUR0.0787. Telecom Italia fixed line business customers will be charged EUR 0.090 per minute for calls to mobile numbers on the Wind network and EUR 0.1080 for calls to H3G mobile numbers, down from EUR 0.0970 and EUR 0.1219 per minute, respectively. The call set-up fee is EUR0.0656.

Italy, Telecom Italia (TIM)