CadComms kicks off network expansion campaign

6 Jul 2010

Cambodian mobile operator Cambodia Advance Communications (CadComms), which operates under the qb banner, has launched a campaign to expand coverage of its mobile network to the country’s entire population by the end of the year, the Phnom Penh Post reports, citing CadComms’ CEO Alan Sinfield. At present, the cellco’s network is limited to the capital and other key metropolitan areas. ‘It is going to be hard to achieve [100% population coverage], but certainly that is our main goal,’ Sinfield noted, though he declined to disclose the cost of the expansion project or the number of towers to be installed. CadComms operates over an Ericsson-supplied 3.5G HSDPA network, launched in March 2008, but the company is exploring the use of other technologies besides 3G to meet its coverage target. ‘The issue is that 3G is expensive technology, so for us to cover the same geographical space it is almost two times more expensive with 3G [than 2G],’ Sinfield stated, adding that 3G coverage would remain available in urban areas and major roadways, with cheaper technology extended to rural areas.