Telstra boosts cable download speeds

1 Jul 2010

Australian fixed line incumbent Telstra has upgraded the download speeds available via its cable infrastructure in a number of major cities, Australian IT reports. The telco has boosted downlink rates in Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and the Gold Coast to 30Mbps, up from the previous 17Mbps maximum. Sydney received the speed boost last year, while Telstra has also previously increased cable broadband speeds to up to 100Mbps in Melbourne, but has chosen not to roll out the higher level speeds elsewhere after relatively slow uptake.

While Telstra is not expected to stop looking to acquire new customers for its HFC infrastructure, the signing of a deal with government over the transfer of customers to the country’s National Broadband Network (NBN) last week effectively means that the telco’s cable service will be decommissioned within the next eight years. Commenting on the most recent HFC upgrade, Telstra spokesperson Craig Middleton said: ‘This is just business as usual having invested in upgrading the HFC and giving customers the benefit in the lead up to the NBN.’

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