Voila upgrades network with Comverse to accommodate increased texting

30 Jun 2010

Haitian cellco Comcel (Voila) is upgrading its Comverse real-time rating and billing platform with the ‘ONE Billing and Active Customer Management’ solution, and will also replace its existing Comverse SMS text messaging capabilities with the Comverse HUB Short Messaging Solution Centre (SMSC) and Messaging Gateway. The GSM operator will expand its Business Support System (BSS) solution and SMS capabilities to enhance service features and better accommodate the increased texting traffic that has occurred since January’s devastating earthquake, reports Globe Newswire. The work extends a partnership with Comverse that began in 2003. ‘This is a significant upgrade to our network, which will benefit all of our Voila customers with new features and functionality,’ said Edgar Geidans, Vice President, Engineering and Operations for Trilogy International Partners, Voila’s parent company. He continued: ‘Since the earthquake earlier this year, we have seen a surge in text messaging. This has been driven by the various support organisations on the ground in Haiti acknowledging SMS as the most efficient form of mass communications. We needed a higher-capacity messaging system for this additional traffic, and we expect SMS to remain as the preferred communication form for now.’