Chicago to New York no stretch for Spread

23 Jun 2010

Spread Networks, a privately owned telecoms provider, has announced the launch of a dark fibre private network running between Chicago and New York. In development for over three years, Spread Networks now offers financial firms direct access to its network via what it claims to be the shortest possible route, some 825 miles, reducing round-trip latency to 13.33 milliseconds. Spread Networks says its network will achieve a ‘clean speed,’ allowing data to run as close as possible to the true speed of light. ‘Spread Networks has established the competitive standard for trading latency between these two important financial centres,’ said David Barksdale, CEO of Spread Networks. ‘Financial firms looking for increased bandwidth to move large volumes of data with maximum efficiency will turn to Spread Networks to provide them with the most efficient, private dark fibre network available today; a system that will outperform other options for speed, security, and reliability.’

United States