Telstra records 100Mbps downlink using LTE 'outbackbone'

18 Jun 2010

Australian incumbent Telstra has announced that, in partnership with Finnish hardware vendor Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), it has achieved a peak download speed of 100Mbps and upload speed of 31Mbps over a 75km distance using Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology. According to ZDNet Australia, the operator managed the speeds during pilots of the 4G technology taking place between Mount Hope and Mount Burrumboot in the state of Victoria. Telstra’s chief operations officer, Michael Rocca, noted that the ongoing trials were designed to ascertain the performance of the technology over significant distances, noting: ‘Australia has the sixth largest landmass with the ninth lowest population density in the world so any technology we introduce has to travel long distances, cover large areas and still perform to the levels Telstra customers have come to enjoy.’