Cableco Videotron jumps on web TV bandwagon

18 Jun 2010

Quebec-based triple-play cable network operator Videotron has announced a new service allowing its existing customers to watch television over the internet. The Globe & Mail reports that the new ‘Illico Web’ service offers online access to 32 television channels – including 24 in the French language – exclusively to customers who subscribe to both cable TV and broadband internet from Videotron. Customers can use a website to watch TV programmes and movies, listen to music, and programme personal video recorders (PVRs) remotely. The report adds that for Videotron and other pay-TV operators, the primary motivation for launching online (‘available anywhere’) TV services is to give extra value to subscribers to prevent them from giving up paid subscription services as more content becomes available for free – often illegally so – on the web. Videotron’s eventual aim is to expand Illico Web’s content range to ‘mirror’ its cable TV offerings, according to its president Robert Depatie.

Canada, Videotron