Minister says WiMAX will be available soon

16 Jun 2010

Nepal’s Minister for Information and Communications, Shankar Pokharel, said yesterday that the country will embrace WiMAX technology ‘soon’ adding that the next generation wireless platform is needed to promote successful e-governance in the country. Local online news portal MyRepublica quotes the minister as saying that the ministry is conducting talks with experts in the field to best realise the adoption of WiMAX-based services through the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. ‘As we have already met all telecommunication targets, we will soon issue and implement a new broadband policy,’ Pokharel told parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC). The minister went on to say that he hopes access to telecoms services and the internet will also be improved across the country, once work on completing a fibre-optic extension programme have been completed. Pokharel went on to lambast the poor level of competition in the country noting that despite having five licensed operators, three are weak, leaving only Nepal Telecom and Spice Nepal as credible alternatives. Although the state has no frequencies to allocate to new players, he said that plans are afoot to form a committee to oversee the reallocation of frequencies, although he stopped short of providing a timescale for this to happen.