CDG promotes rollout of CDMA-450 to boost rural connectivity

16 Jun 2010

The Latin America director of the CDMA Development Group (CDG), Celedonio von Wuthenau, has told BNamericas that the organisation is working with Argentine technology providers to propose to the government the use of CDMA-450 technology to increase connectivity in underserved rural areas of the country. ‘We are currently speaking with local providers to see if they are interested in this initiative. If so, we will work on a complete technical presentation for the authorities,’ von Wuthenau said, adding: ‘We will probably give this presentation during the second half of this year … As far as I know, the authorities have already analysed other technologies but were not satisfied with any of them.’ Von Wuthenau believes that the government’s plans to deploy a nationwide digital TV network would be a good opportunity to reach rural areas of the country with other telecoms services, such as voice and broadband. He added that the government expects to use the 500MHz frequency for the digital TV programme and deploy antennas with a coverage of approximately 50km-60km, which has a similar reach to CDMA-450 technology. In Argentina rural areas remain largely unserved by the country’s main telecoms operators, instead local cooperatives and small companies have chosen to operate in such areas to avoid direct competition with telecoms heavyweights.