Correction: Sprint's first-day WiMAX handset sales were overstated, but still a record

9 Jun 2010

Sprint Nextel has corrected an earlier statement in which it stated that the HTC ‘Evo 4G’ WiMAX-capable handset’s first-day sales volume was three times the combined volume of Samsung Instinct and Palm Pre devices sold over their first three days on the shelves. The US cellco, which controls WiMAX operator Clearwire, clarified that the Evo did break the company’s record for the highest number of phones sold on a single day last Friday, at six times higher than on the launch day of the Instinct and twice as many as on the Pre’s first day. However, contrary to the earlier statement, the Evo first-day sales figures were approximately equal to the other two models’ combined volume in their first three days.