Sprint toasts WiMAX handset success

7 Jun 2010

Sprint Nextel has announced that the launch of WiMAX-capable smartphones last Friday broke its existing launch-day record for handset sales. The US cellco, which controls WiMAX operator Clearwire, said that the number of HTCEVO 4G’ handsets sold on the first day was three times the combined volume of Samsung Instinct and Palm Pre devices sold over their first three days on the shelves. Clearwire’s ‘Clear’ WiMAX network covers 33 regional markets across the country, representing a population footprint of 43 million people, with expansion in progress aimed at covering 120 million people by the end of the year; users of the network can also access Sprint’s 3G cellular network in areas outside WiMAX coverage. Prior to the arival of WiMAX handsets, Clear offered mobile and fixed broadband services to laptop/PC users.

United States, Clearwire, Sprint Corporation (now part of T-Mobile US)