Ericsson and CableTica to build and operate NGN

7 Jun 2010

Ericsson has signed a five-year contract with cable television operator CableTica to build and operate a fibre-optic transport network. The network will be the first in Costa Rica specifically optimised to handle the needs of the next-generation mobile networks expected to be implemented in the country this year. Ericsson will also manage the new network, allowing CableTica to leverage Ericsson’s global experience in optical networks, and offer increased network capacity and superior value to CableTica’s customers.

The new, state-of-the-art optical network is based on Ericsson’s MHL 3000 and OMS 1400 optical networks portfolios, providing increased flexibility and network scalability for CableTica’s customers while guaranteeing that the high requirements necessary for mobile transport are met. The network will enable CableTica to transport any kind of data – including television, internet and mobile backhaul – and also allow for future implementation of IPTV services. Further, CableTica will be able to offer services – such as digital television, video-on-demand and data services – in more areas of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica, Cabletica, Ericsson