Vodafone Spain unveils commercial femtocell offering

3 Jun 2010

Vodafone Spain is claiming to be the first mobile network operator to launch commercial femtocell services in the country, having partnered with Chinese vendor Huawei for the necessary equipment. The service, which is offered under the ‘Voz y Datos Premium Oficina Vodafone’ banner, is aimed squarely at corporate customers, and the cellco said that the 25,000 companies which are currently utilising its Oficina Vodafone services will be able to take advantage of the new product. Vodafone will sell the femtocells for EUR15 (USD18.33) per month, and the device will support a total of 32 devices, with four able to connect to it simultaneously. Those customers looking to take out the service will also be required to have, or sign up for, Vodafone’s business ADSL service.