Telstra strips down for the summer with naked DSL trials

2 Jun 2010

Australian fixed line incumbent Telstra has revealed that its broadband subsidiary BigPond has started a four- to six-week trial of naked DSL services with a view to assessing customer demand. According to ZDNet Australia Telstra is testing two different naked DSL products, including an enhanced version, offered under the ‘Pure DSL’ banner, which allows customers to receive incoming calls and make outbound emergency calls. While Telstra is also offering traditional naked DSL with no dial tone, it noted that there would be no additional cost for the version allowing limited call access in order to ascertain the importance of the extra feature. Only one tariff will be available as part of the trials, with Telstra offering downlink speeds of up to 20Mbps with a 25GB data usage limit for AUD59.95 (USD50.11) per month on a 24-month contract . Initially the offer will only be available to ‘a few thousand’, and responding to queries about whether Telstra would offer the service to wholesale customers in the future, Telstra spokesperson Craig Middleton said that that would be assessed at the end of the pilot programme.

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