Yota to ditch WiMAX for LTE

24 May 2010

Russian wireless broadband specialist Yota has announced that it has decided to roll out a network based on Long Term Evolution (LTE), turning its back on its previous technology of choice, WiMAX. Yota now plans to spend USD100 million this year on the rollout of LTE networks in five Russian cities, with total investment expected to reach USD2 billion. ‘The world’s biggest operators and device makers such as Nokia and Samsung have chosen the LTE standard. Following the global trend, we are seeking to give our clients the best solutions,’ the company said in an e-mailed statement. ‘The only reason we are delaying [LTE’s] launch everywhere is the fact LTE technology is so new.’ Yota has reportedly signed contracts for the delivery of 1,000 LTE base stations, but declined to say who the equipment makers were. It plans to launch LTE services in Moscow and Saint Petersburg at the end of 2011.

Yota, founded in 2007, operates in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and three other Russian cities, and claims more than 500,000 clients. It had planned to launch WiMAX in 15 more Russian cities.

Russia, Scartel (Yota)