Main One cable system nears completion

19 May 2010

Main One Cable Company has completed the installation of the first phase of its high capacity fibre-optic cable system from Seixal in Portugal through the West African coast to Ghana and Nigeria, This Day reports. Alongside system supplier Tyco Electronics Subsea Communications (SubCom), Main One has finished installing terminal equipment in Seixal, with work underway at the system’s landing sites in Lagos in Nigeria and Accra in Ghana. According to Main One’s CEO, Funke Opeke, Phase 1 of the system spans 6,800km and will provide much-needed international capacity into West Africa where rapid growth in telecoms has been blighted by limited global connectivity. Phase 2 of the project will see extension of the cable to South Africa. ‘We are thrilled to say that the challenge of completing the marine work for the Main One cable system is behind us and that we will soon be able to concentrate on the critical mission of providing high-capacity bandwidth to regions of the globe where it is long overdue,’ Opeke noted, adding ‘together with SubCom, we have met our goals on schedule and we eagerly look towards delivering capacity to our customers and executing plans for expansion of the network.’ The Main One cable system is scheduled to go live in June 2010.