Indotel set to launch rural fibre network tender

19 May 2010

Instituto Dominicano de las Telecomunicaciones (Indotel), the telecoms regulator for the Dominican Republic, is preparing to launch a tender for a fibre-optic network designed to cover currently unconnected regions of the country. According to BNamericas the network will require the winning bidder to invest approximately DOP119 million (USD3.23 million) on the construction of the infrastructure, with the build likely to take around 18 months to complete, and the initial deployment of fibre to take place in the northern region of Cibao. The aim of the project, according to Indotel, is to connect rural areas of the Dominican Republic to broadband and telephony services by interconnecting with existing fibre networks that have already been built by both the state and other private operators.

Dominican Republic, Dominican Telecommunications Institute (Indotel)