Govt launches probe into Eventis Mobile

18 May 2010

The Moldovan Prosecutor General’s Office has launched an investigation into the activities of mobile operator Eventis Mobile, Russian news source Kommersant reports. Officials claim the cellco has failed to invest the USD114 million it promised in return for a wireless licence. The Prosecutor General said the office suspects Eventis Mobile, which is owned by Russian-owned and Cypriot-registered holding company Eventis Telecom Holding, is involved in money laundering activities. As reported by CommsUpdate, telecoms regulator the National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI) suspended Eventis Mobile’s licence for two months in February 2010, following a number of complaints from the cellco’s subscribers regarding poor service quality. Earlier in the year, the regulator found that Eventis failed to comply with its licence conditions, which stipulated that the company must meet 60% population coverage and operate at least 340 base stations by the end of 2009. ANRCETI said Eventis had failed to resolve its problems, citing a lack of financial resources. The company was ordered to improve service quality and network coverage and help its subscriber base transfer to the network of a rival GSM operator.

Moldova, ANRCETI, Eventis Mobile