ComCom recommends MTA regulation

12 May 2010

New Zealand’s Commerce Commission has changed its recommendation on mobile termination access (MTA) services regulation. The Commission is now recommending to the communications minister that he regulate MTA services, and not accept undertakings from Telecom and Vodafone. The Commission issued a final report in February that recommended that the minister accept the undertakings and not regulate MTA services. However, in April the Commission informed the minister that a new retail offer launched by Vodafone may have the potential to affect the basis for its recommendation. The minister then asked the Commission to reconsider its advice. ‘The on-net retail pricing component of Vodafone’s new talk add-on plan, offered since the final MTA report, perpetuates the barrier to expansion that the final undertakings, if accepted by the minister, were designed to remove,’ telecommunications commissioner Ross Patterson said. The Commission is now inviting submissions on the draft reconsideration report, which can be lodged until 19 May.

New Zealand