Telstra loses latest attempt to charge AUD30 wholesale access fee

11 May 2010

The Australian Competition Tribunal has rejected Telstra’s latest appeal to set an AUD30 (USD27.1) per month wholesale access charge. For more than five years the telco has attempted to win the right to charge the fee to wholesale customers who wish to use the company’s copper network to deliver telephony and internet services to customers in metropolitan areas. Wholesale competitors currently pay approximately AUD17 a month. In April 2009 the Australian Competition Commission (ACCC) rejected an appeal by Telstra to charge AUD30, so the telco lodged a further appeal with the Australian Competition Tribunal. With that move now having failed as well, Telstra says it accepts the tribunal’s ruling but has so far refused to say if it would pursue other legal options. In December 2009 the ACCC said it would be publishing new prices for wholesale access, and Telstra is likely to wait for the outcome of that before launching any further appeals. ‘The ACCC has started industry consultation on how to best determine regulated access pricing. We support this approach and are focused on achieving certainty for Telstra and industry, as quickly as possible, through a resolution of the appropriate costing of our network,’ said Telstra spokesman Craig Middleton.

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