Government to amend law on electronic communication

5 May 2010

Macedonian news agency PressCut says the Government of the Republic of Macedonia is proposing revisions to the country’s Law on Electronic Communication, as per the edicts set down in the latest report from the European Commission (EC). The Minister of Trade, Mile Jaakienski, confirmed that the amendments are designed to help define the role of specific institutions to oversee the industry; boost the development of competition in the telecoms market; allow for liberalisation in electronic communication; provide the right conditions to nurture new market entrants; and see the introduction of new services at prices which are ‘acceptable’ to the people of Macedonia. In addition, the regulation of electronic communications will be improved, said Jaakienski, hopefully leading to ‘a higher degree of transparency’ and greater protection of consumer rights. It is understood the revisions will also include the introduction of penalty fees equivalent to between 2% and 4% of income, for any service provider that fails to respond to end-user complaints within 15 days of the claim being made.

North Macedonia