EETT examines OTE's new DSL offers

30 Apr 2010

Greece’s telecoms regulator EETT has announced that it has approved new wholesale ADSL broadband internet speed options recently published by incumbent telco OTE, but has asked the operator to release additional information on its proposed new retail ADSL offers, in order to evaluate their compliance with regulations. As a company classed as dominant in the electronic communication market, OTE is subject to price controls by EETT to ensure fair competition. OTE said on 22 April that it was ceasing to offer 8Mbps (download) ADSL packages and would upgrade existing 8Mbps clients to 24Mbps, while also lowering monthly subscription charges. It also announced an upgrade in upload speed to 512kbps for users of its 2Mbps (download) ADSL plan.

Greece, Cosmote