Israeli Finance Ministry aims for enhanced mobile sector competition

26 Apr 2010

Israel’s Ministry of Finance has put forward a number of proposals which it hopes would enhance competition in the mobile sector, according to Globes Online. The ministry is acting on recommendations put forward by consultancy Shaldor, and it is understood that government incentives aimed at encouraging a new operator are among the proposals. In addition, other suggestions have included the removal of barriers that hinder customers from moving freely from provider to provider, such as penalties for leaving mid-contract or the locking of handsets to SIMs from a single provider.

A further notable suggestion that is believed to be under discussion is that Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) should be permitted to enter the telecommunications infrastructure market, enabling it to sell infrastructure services via its fibre-optic network to all of the country’s operators. The Ministry of Communications (MoC) has already begun working with IEC with a view to preparing it for a swift market entry should such permission be granted, and a technical trial of resold services is due to take place in June 2010.

Israel, Ministry of Communications