SmarTone launches 28.8Mbps HSPA+ mobile broadband package

20 Apr 2010

SmarTone-Vodafone yesterday launched commercial mobile broadband packages based on its latest HSPA+ network upgrade, delivering peak theoretical downstream speeds of 28.8Mbps, under the ‘Power 28’ banner, giving users what it says is the fastest mobile performance in Hong Kong. SmarTone is offering a free upgrade to the new Power 28 price plan for all existing ‘Power 21’ 21Mbps package users automatically, together with a free firmware upgrade for their USB modems. For HKD388 (USD50) per month, the company says users can now enjoy typical actual speeds of 2Mbps-20Mbps.

In yesterday’s press release, Laurence McDonald, President of SmarTone’s technology partner, Ericsson Hong Kong & Macau, said: ‘Ericsson is proud to provide our multi-standard radio base stations and HSPA+ solution with MIMO and Dual Carrier technologies to SmarTone-Vodafone.’ Douglas Li, CEO of SmarTone-Vodafone, added: ‘Our network already supports Dual Carrier technology that can achieve peak network speed of 42Mbps and typical usable speeds of 2Mbps-30Mbps. Today [19 April 2010] we are activating the first base stations with this Dual Carrier technology from our partner Ericsson, and the rollout will continue across our whole network. The increased capacity and speed will be put into service when compatible devices become available. Our implementation of Ericsson’s new generation of multi-mode multi-standard base stations will smooth the way to providing peak network speed of 84Mbps, supporting an even greater number of users in the future, as well as accommodating the upgrade to LTE.’

Hong Kong, Ericsson, SmarTone