South Koreans to invest in Peruvian broadband network

19 Apr 2010

Korea Telecom (KT), in partnership with Peruvian business group Romero, plans to invest over USD150 million to develop broadband projects in Peru, according to TelecomPaper which cites Peru’s minister of transport and communications Enrique Cornejo. The initiative aims to expand the country’s broadband infrastructure and make it a driver of national productivity growth, said Jorge Puga, vice-minister of communications. ‘KT is not here to compete, but to develop the opportunities offered by the Peruvian company [Grupo Romero] that already has the spectrum allocated but does not have sufficient capacity to develop the broadband infrastructure,’ Puga said. The companies will cooperate on a wireless broadband network in the 2.3GHz spectrum band. The vice-minister also announced that further spectrum tenders could be launched in the second half of this year.

Peru, KT Corp