Telefonica O2 contracts NSN to expand network capacity

16 Apr 2010

Finnish equipment supplier Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) has announced it has received a services contract from Telefonica O2 Germany to expand the operator’s network capacity to prepare for future traffic growth. Under the contract, NSN will provide a range of services, including network implementation, project management and logistics, for an efficient network expansion in the areas of Germany where the vendor has previously deployed network infrastructure. In addition, the two companies are extending an existing supplier contract for 2G/3G technology. ‘We are constantly investing in our network capabilities to offer the best possible quality to our customers and to prepare our network for future demand,’ noted Andrea Folgueiras, CTO at Telefonica O2 Germany, adding, ‘NSN is already our 3G technology supplier in the northeast and western areas of Germany and also convinced us that it has the service capability to handle a speedy network expansion.’

In a separate story, Dow Jones Newswires reports that O2 has lowered and capped data roaming costs for its German customers. Effective Monday 19 April, the company’s subscribers will pay EUR0.05 (USD0.68) per 10kbps instead of EUR0.07 when they use data in other European countries, anticipating a European Commission rule which comes into effect 1 July. Meanwhile, the cellco’s ‘Mobile Internet Abroad’ data rate in European countries other than Germany will be capped at EUR59.50 a month.