Indian 4G auction already under consideration?

15 Apr 2010

With the much-delayed auction for 3G spectrum finally underway in India, the country’s communications minister Andimuthu Raja has apparently wasted no time in turning his eye to fourth-generation services. According to the Economic Times, local news sources are claiming that the minister has said the sale of 4G concessions could take place just a short time after the rollout of 3G networks by those that win licences; under the terms of the up-for-grabs 3G concessions winners are permitted to launch commercial 3G services from September 2010. ‘I do not want any delay in 4G services. We should be with the rest of the world in 4G,’ Raja said. Accordingly, it is also understood that the Telecoms Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has already commenced the pre-consultation process related to a sale of 4G spectrum, with Raja noting; ‘Once [the] TRAI submits its recommendations, the government will work on it.’

India, Ministry of Communications (MoC)