HKBN: under USD26 a month for symmetric 1Gbps internet (yes, 1Gbps!) (yes, symmetric!)

15 Apr 2010

Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN), a wholly owned subsidiary of City Telecom, has announced the immediate availability of a package offering symmetric 1Gbps direct fibre broadband internet access for HKD199 (USD25.60) per month. The 1Gbps download/upload fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) package, including unlimited monthly data usage, was called a ‘global breakthrough’ by HKBN’s associate director of marketing June Lam, who added in a press release that the service ‘is by far the best value in terms of cost per Mbps in Hong Kong’ and that the company is ‘pleased to contribute towards making Hong Kong a global fibre oasis.’ The offer follows HKBN’s launch of a symmetric 100Mbps package costing USD13 per month in November 2009 (compared to its standard price of around USD34.50). Hong Kong residents interested in registering for the 1Gbps package can do so on the operator’s website or via a hotline. TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database notes that HKBN relaunched its FTTx broadband access range for the mass residential market in September 2007, including 1Gbps symmetrical connections, but the standard monthly price for its 1Gbps up/down service remained at around USD216 as of December 2009. HKBN guarantees users will receive actual speeds of at least 80% of the advertised download/upload rates.

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