URSEC releases end-2009 telecoms stats

14 Apr 2010

Uruguay’s telecoms regulator, Unidad Reguladora de Servicios de Comunicaciones (URSEC), has published its 2009 report on the country’s telecoms market, revealing that the number of mobile subscribers rose 17% year-on-year to reach 4.112 million at 31 December 2009. At the same date, wireless penetration stood at 122.9%, compared to 105.2% a year earlier. The regulator reports that the number of post-paid subscribers is on the up; at the end of 2009 the proportion of contract users reached 25%, up from 23% at the same date a year earlier. According to URSEC, Uruguay ended 2009 with 954,000 fixed lines in service, a fall of 5,000 compared to the 959,000 recorded at end-2008, and corresponding to a teledensity of 28.5% (2008: 28.8%). Local fixed line traffic also decreased, from 3.4 billion in 2008 to 3.1 billion a year later, while domestic long-distance traffic declined to 541 million minutes in 2009 from 548 million in the previous year. The number of broadband subscribers continued its upward trend in 2009, with customers totalling 317,000 at 31 December 2009, up 29% compared to the 245,000 reported at the end of 2008. Meanwhile, pay TV customers are also increasing; they grew 3% in 2009 to reach 427,000 at year-end.