Ziggo reports rise in revenues, subscribers in 2009

9 Apr 2010

Dutch cable operator Zesko Holding (Ziggo) posted revenue of EUR1.284 billion (USD1.712 billion) in 2009, up 3.7% year-on-year, with the overall number of subscribers growing 9% to 7.165 million. The cableco’s EBITDA rose 2.8% y-o-y to EUR695.8 million, and operating cash flow increased by 33% to EUR434 million, underpinning the telco’s solid growth and improved financial position. By the start of 2010 Ziggo’s networks passed 4.075 million homes, up marginally from 4.038 million a year earlier. At the same date the number of analogue connections stood at 3.165 million, down from 3.255 million, while digital TV grew by 38% per annum from 1.124 million to 1.552 million users. As at 31 December 2009 Ziggo had 1.449 million broadband customers, compared with 1.375 million at end-2008. In addition, the operator counted 999,000 VoIP subscribers, up from 809,000 the year before; it broke the one million IP telephony subscriber barrier in February this year. Ziggo is keen to foreground its success in signing up subscribers to so-called ‘bundled’ packages. The number of bundled subscribers rose to 675,000 in 2009, from 260,000 a year earlier. On the technology front, in January 2009 Ziggo revealed plans to roll out DOCSIS3.0 across its entire service area. Ultimately, Ziggo is looking to bring 120Mbps internet access speeds to all subscribers before the end of 2010, whilst simultaneously continuing to build its triple-play services portfolio.