NTC sets 3G licensing timeframe, passes MNP resolution

6 Apr 2010

Thai newspaper The Nation reports that the board of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has approved a timeframe for granting 2100MHz 3G mobile licences, in a process set to finish in November 2010. According to the schedule, the NTC will review the details of its existing plan (starting this month) in June, and hold public hearings on the reviewed plan in July and August. Prequalification is mooted to begin in September, culminating in the granting of licences by the end of November. The NTC’s existing licensing plan stipulates the auctioning of four licences – a 15MHz ‘premium’ spectrum concession and three others of 10MHz blocks each – but it has yet to finalise the details.

In separate news, the NTC board has passed a resolution to order operators to implement a mobile number portability (MNP) system by August this year or else face fines. As part of the MNP system, cellcos must set up a joint clearing house to facilitate porting, and also revise their internal systems to support it. The decision formalised an earlier proposal to extend by nine months the original deadline for readying MNP.