LAP paints subsidiaries GreenN

29 Mar 2010

LAP Green Networks, the subsidiary of the Libyan government’s investment arm Libya Africa Investments Portfolio (LAP), will rebrand all of its African telecoms operations under the GreenN brand, Rwandan daily The New Times reports. LAP Green holds stakes in six operators across the continent, including incumbent telcos Rwandatel of Rwanda (80%) and Uganda Telecom (UTL, 69%), as well as Sonitel in Niger and Cote d’Ivoire-based Sahelcom. It is also set to launch operations in Sierra Leone and Togo. ‘Operating under one big brand will help all the operators to have the same vision, which will also help the financial investments directed through one channel as LAP is moving towards becoming a big player on the continent,’ commented Rwandatel’s CEO, Issiaka Maiga Hamidou.