NetUno elaborates on fibre, IPTV, overseas plans

25 Mar 2010

Venezuelan triple-play cableco NetUno says it will launch IPTV services in Caracas in the fourth quarter of 2010 based on its fibre-to-the-building (FTTB) network which will begin offering services to residents in the city’s new-build El Encanto condominium project in the next few weeks, according to BNamericas. Only a handful of apartments are currently occupied, but the development will provide 25,000 homes within seven years, all of which will have the option of NetUno IPTV service. Last week the company launched HDTV services in Maracaibo, one of its three fully digital cities, the other two being Maracay and Valencia, whilst it is now looking at plans for 3D TV services. The firm’s services currently cover 90 cities in central and western Venezuela. NetUno is also expanding internationally, most recently in Panama where it sells VoIP terminal adapters, with similar activity in Peru , whilst it operate 600 VoIP-based calling kiosks in Bogota, Colombia, and also sells pre-paid calling cards in five US states and Portugal. Overseas operations amounted to 9% of the cableco’s 2009 sales and it expects this figure to reach 14% this year.

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