Vote on Telstra split legislation pushed back until at least May 2010

22 Mar 2010

The introduction of legislation designed to structurally separate Australian fixed line incumbent Telstra has been pushed back until at least May 2010 after the government failed to introduce the bill for debate in the Senate on the last sitting day of the current session. Bloomberg Business Week is reporting that the legislative proposals, known as the Telecommunications Legislation Amendment Bill 2009, could be put up for discussion when the Senate reconvenes on 11 May 2011. Commenting on the matter, Scott Ludlam, a Green Party senator, noted: ‘The Senate is not going to get to the Telstra legislation because the Liberal party has clogged up debate…The legislation will be listed for May, but because of the budget bills that will need to be passed, we may not debate it then either.’

In separate but related news it has been revealed that Telstra has informed real estate developers at greenfield sites that it will no longer install copper lines, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. The telco claims the decision is a result of government requirement for fibre-optic cable deployment in new housing builds from 1 July 2010. Developers have criticised the move, claiming that it could cause delays in completing housing projects, while also raising the costs of builds.