Antitrust tribunal orders Telefonica to unbundle broadband

8 Mar 2010

Chile’s antitrust tribunal TDLC has ruled in favour of Chilean IP telephony enabler RedVoiss’ complaint that Telefonica Chile has participated in unfair pricing, according to BNamericas. The finding is that Telefonica basically requires clients to contract bundled services, as the price for these packaged services is significantly lower than if they were to be contracted on their own. TDLC fined Telefonica USD4.4 million. RedVoiss CEO Alberto Mordojovich celebrated the finding. ‘After two and a half years of hard work with the TDLC… this decision will allow for the sale of naked broadband, and I hope it will mean a lowering of internet access prices for many Chilean families and companies,’ he told BNamericas in an emailed statement.

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