Oh snap: EEQ’s got the power, but can’t use it

5 Mar 2010

Ecuadorian power utility Empresa Electrica Quito (EEQ) has cancelled a project to roll out broadband-over-powerline (BPL) services via joint venture Electronet, because the local telecoms authorities failed to award it a licence to launch full commercial services, BNamericas reports. Igor Krochin, manager at EEQ’s local consortium partner in the project, TGB, told the news site that the consortium – formed specifically for the BPL project – will now be dissolved. ‘We can’t continue waiting for the concession because, in the meantime, we have to pay a monthly fee to EEQ to use its infrastructure network,’ Krochin said, adding that Electronet currently has around 200 broadband subscribers, which will be offered services from local company Telconet, which Krochin also manages in the Quito area.