NTT links IP-VPN services with TTK in Russia; agrees expansion with 18 other operators

5 Mar 2010

Russian long-distance operator Transtelecom (TTK) and NTT Communications of Japan have announced the interconnection of their respective IP-VPN services in Russia, and the availability of NTT’s ‘Arcstar Global’ IP-VPN service nationwide. The strategic partnership between NTT and TTK began in 2006 when the two agreed to develop data networks, which resulted in the construction and launch of the Hokkaido-Sakhalin Cable System, a 570km, 640Gbps undersea fibre-optic cable linking Ishikari, Hokkaido and Nevelsk, Sakhalin, the shortest route between Japan and Russia. TTK is owned by the Russian Railways and its network is laid along the rail route, spanning more than 55,000km.

NTT and TTK’s announcement came as the Japanese telco reached an agreement with a total of 19 foreign partner telecoms companies to implement new process and practices that will ‘further enhance the quality and customer satisfaction levels’ of the Arcstar global network service. Arcstar is focused on providing managed services for multinational organisations, including e-VLAN, MPLS IP-VPN, leased lines and ATM.

Russia, NTT (NTT East & NTT West)