EU charges TPSA with hindering rivals

2 Mar 2010

Reuters reports that Telekomunikacja Polska (TPSA), Poland’s biggest telecoms group by revenue, faces a possible fine after EU antitrust regulators charged it with hindering rivals’ access to its wholesale broadband services. The European Commission said it had sent a ‘statement of objections’ to TPSA detailing how it believed the company had abused its dominant position. The charges follow proceedings launched against the firm in April last year. TPSA ‘has refused to supply (remunerated) access to its network, at various stages of the process’, the European Union’s executive Commission said in a statement. It accused TPSA, a unit of France Telecom, of using delaying tactics, unreasonable conditions and refusing to provide relevant information to alternative operators that wanted to access its wholesale broadband services. ‘This has hindered the development of the broadband retail market in Poland,’ the statement said. TPSA has eight weeks to reply. If found in breach of EU antitrust rules it could be fined up to 10% of revenues.

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