Regulator suspends Eventis Mobile’s licence

17 Feb 2010

¬Moldovan telecoms regulator the National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI) has announced that it has suspended the wireless licence of Eventis Mobile for two months following a number of complaints from the cellco’s subscribers regarding poor service quality. Earlier this year, the regulator also found that Eventis failed to comply with its licence conditions, which stipulated that the company must meet 60% population coverage and operate at least 340 base stations by the end of 2009. ANRCETI says Eventis has failed to resolve its problems, citing a lack of financial resources, adding that the operator is negotiating with national and international investors to obtain additional funding. The company has been ordered to improve service quality and network coverage and help its subscriber base transfer to the network of a rival GSM operator. Eventis must notify the regulator of its compliance at least ten days before the suspension expires.

According to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database, Russian-owned and Cypriot-registered Eventis Telecom Holding was awarded Moldova’s third GSM licence in January 2007. The company won the 15-year 900/1800MHz concession in a beauty contest, beating rival bids by Russian cellco Vimpelcom and Moldovan firm Union-Prim; the permit had a price tag of USD8 million. Eventis launched commercial services on 31 December 2007; exactly two years later it had a wireless customer base of only 11,800, down from a peak of 22,000 six months earlier.

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