MTS Ukraine selects Alcatel-Lucent IP/MPLS mobile backhaul solution

17 Feb 2010

Russian-owned cellco MTS Ukraine is aiming to pave the way for next-generation mobile broadband services with the award of contract to Alcatel-Lucent for the provision of an IP/MPLS-based mobile backhaul solution. According to a press release from the French-US vendor, the mobile operator plans to integrate end-to-end management across multiple technology domains, thereby simplifying operations and reducing operating expenditure whilst offering its end-users advanced IP-based services. As well as serving as a basis for MTS’s existing 2.5G GSM-based and 3G CDMA-450 EV-DO platforms, the move towards all-IP could also support the introduction of W-CDMA/HSPA and 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) technologies in the future. ‘Moving toward IP will provide us with huge capacity reserve which enables [us to] not only cope for several years with ever-increasing core traffic and support high quality of service provisioning, but to further introduce new services. Thanks to this new solution, we can start to prepare our network infrastructure for launching next generation communication services and data transmission right now,’ said Jeff Howley, CTO of MTS Ukraine.

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