Megacable to enter Mexican wireless auction on its own

15 Feb 2010

Mexico’s Megacable has revealed that it will bid for wireless spectrum in the country’s upcoming auction on its own, after the breakdown of plans to submit a joint bid with local broadcasting giant Grupo Televisa, which owns rivals Cablevision and Cablemas. According to Bloomberg, citing comments from Megacable CEO Enrique Yamuni, the cableco will register for the auction on its own, but it is still reportedly in talks with other potential partners over a possible tie-up should it win spectrum.

The move comes after reports last week that Televisa had been granted regulatory approval by the Comision Federal de Competencia (Cofeco) for a possible acquisition of a stake in digital trunking operator Nextel de Mexico. However, with no confirmed deal struck between US-based NII Holdings, the current owner of Nextel, a partnership between Televisa and Megacable in the wireless sector remains a possibility.

Mexico, Megacable